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SMWS has pioneered the work of Providing: Customized Solutions in the field of Waste water management, designing of Structures, treatment facilities, Execution of RAW, effluent, Sewerage and Drainage treatment system, Water balance study and management report, investigations etc. It also has associates with state of the art facility for water /waste water and Testing and Quality control, which helps the customer to achieve better and reliable solutionsEngineering & Total Water Management, Industrial Water & Waste water Treatments (WTP) & (ETP), Conventional & Modern ETP Plants based on SBR/MBBR & MBR Technologies, Conventional & Modern STP based on Anaerobic and Aerobic on SAFF/SBR/MBBR Technologies, Modern UF-RO-DM & Other Technologies for Hard water, CT Blow down(CTBD) & ETP/STP Effluents water for Recycling/Recovery for re-use and for Various Applications, Sea Water Side Corrosion Problems & Chemicals Treatment for (SWS), Desalination Plants and Sea Water RO (SWRO) Plants, DM Plants, Condensate Polishing Units (CPU), Boiler water conditioning (BFW & BW) and Boiler Tubes failure problems, Corrosion Problems & Control measures in Fire Water Net work, Chemical Cleaning of  Piping, Equipments, Coolers/Condensers and Boilers Systems, Corrosion control Services, Corrosion Problems & Control  measures in Operating Plants/Industries. Advanced Cooling Water Treatments (CWT) Programs, Cooling Towers & Closed Circulation Cooling Systems (CCCS).



  • Primarily  a Trading company registered in the year 2008
  • Design, Engineering, Execution & services of Water and waste water treatment equipments/ Systems.
  • Chemical treatment ,application systems
  •  Water and waste water ,sampling & testing
  • Monitoring services ,O & M contract services, AMC contract services etc
  • Service support provided by associates for electrical & Civil engg depts
  • Liasioning with state govt agencies



  • Topo -graphic Survey.
  • GIS , DGPS study & survey reports
  • Study of Topo Sheet in connection to actual surface condition.
  • Preparation of Contour Map and Site Map.
  • Calculation of Earth Volume for cutting and Filling.
  • Water balance audit and Study, Flow Measurement etc
  • Treatment facility suggestions and implementations
  • O & M service operations for water and waste water treatment facilities  in industries
  • Services  with Bio chemical solutions to water and waste water issues



Our Mission


We focuses on different features like skill development programmes youth and women empowerment.



Our Vision


We strongly believes in the strength and power of the people - the toughest task is only to make the community realize and explore their own strengths.





We intends to strengthen and support community structures and local institutions.


Mr. Subodha Chandra Mohapatra
COO, S M Water Solutions


S M Water Solutions  a consultancy firm is in  business of one or more experts (consultants) that provides professional advice to an individual or an organization for a fee. Consultancy firms ( PH Engineering ,MEP, and Water & waste water treatment) target company executives and provide them with consultants, also known as industry-specific specialists and subject-matter experts, usually trained in management or business schools. 

SM Enterprises has got 10 years of experience of execution of treatment processes of various applications in Indian and international market for water and waste


Our Associates